Caribbean Fishery Management Council

Conserving, Restoring and Managing of Fishery Resources in the US Caribbean

168th After the Meeting Docs


Day 1 - December 10, 2019

Managing Trap Fisheries in the USVI: Review of Pertinent State and Federal Regulation by Bill Arnorld

Endangered Species Act Listing Determination Satus by Jocelyn D'ambrosio

SSC Report to the CFMC by Richard Appeldoorn

St. Thomas/St. John Fisherman's Association Update by Ruth Gomez

Proposed Harvest Control Rules for the U.S. Caribbean by Shannon Calay

SEDAR 57 Spiny Lobster by Shannon Calay


Day 2 - December 11, 2019

*OEAP Report to the CFMC by Alida Ortiz

Acoustic Studies of the Red hind (Epinephelus guttatus) Spawning Aggregations by Carlos Zayas

CFMC Social Media by Cristina Olán

Portrait of Puerto Rico's Commercial Fisheries 2 Years After Hurricane María by Daniel Matos

Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management Update by Graciela García-Moliner 

Marine Recreational Fisheries Education Program Update (PEPR) by Helena Antoun

OLE Update by Manny Antonares

*Oceanographic Patways and Hydrodynamic Connectivity between Marine Protected Areas in the USVI and Eastern Puerto Rico by Miguel Canals

*Ciguatoxin Detection and Model Predictors for Use in Fisheries Management in Puerto Rico by M. del Pozo, J. Luczkovich & H. Raab

Histological Validation of Visual Sex Determination for Reef Fish Species by Noemi Peña

Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Management by Randy Blankinship

Marine Resources Education Program (MREP) Puerto Rico by Vanessa Ramírez & G. García-Moliner

SEAMAP-C PR Update with the Use of Underwater Video Images for Fish Counts and Habitat Description by Verónica Seda & Aido Rosario

Overview of the Education Program for Commercial Fishers (PEPCO) by Wilson Santiago


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