Caribbean Fishery Management Council

Conserving, Restoring and Managing of Fishery Resources in the US Caribbean

164th After the Meeting Docs

 Meeting Motions

 Day 1 - December 11, 2018

DEIS Revisions and Additions by Bill Arnorld

Projects Events Update by Graciela García-Moliner

Day 2 - December 12, 2018

OEAP Report to the Council by Alida Ortiz

Recovering Big Fish by Ana Salceda

WECAFC Reorientation by Deirdre Warner-Kramer

Data Compilations and Integration (EBFM) by Mallory Brooks

2018 Lobster Project by Marcos Hanke

Update in Fisheries Interventions (DPNR) by Ricardo López

Risk Assessment Approach to Inform a CFMC Fishery Ecosystem Plan by Tauna Rankin

Overview of the Education Program for Commercial Fishers (PEPCO) by Wilson Santiago