Conserving, Restoring and Managing the United States Caribbean Fishery Resources, in the EEZ Around Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands
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Fishery Management Plan, Regulatory Impact Review and Final Environmental Impact Statement for Corals and Reef Associated Plants and Invertebrates of Puerto Rico and the U. S. Virgin Islands, July 1994

coral bottom, photo: Inmagine ©

  • Coral FMP cover page
  • Table of contents
  • Abbreviations
  • Fishery Management Plan
  • Appendix A Species excluded from the FMU
  • Appendix I The State of Puerto Rican Corals: An Aid To Managers
  • Appendix II A Preliminary Assessment of the Export Trade in Marine Aquarium Organisms in Puerto Rico. Please request hard copy at CFMC headquarters.
  • Appendix III Regulatory Impact Review
  • Appendix IV Final Environmental Impact Statement
  • Table 1  Species in the Fishery Management Unit
  • Tables 2 and 3
    • Table 2 - Reported numbers of individuals of invertebrates exported from Puerto Rico
    • Table 3 - Reported numbers of boxes of marine fish and invertebrates exported from Puerto Rico
  • Figure 1 Distribution of substrate type by coast and by depth
  • FEIS Figure 1
  • Figure 2 Distribution of live and submerged reefs on the insular shelf, Isla Caja de Muertos area, southern Puerto Rico
  • FEIS Figure 2
  • Figure 3 Live invertebrate exported from Puerto Rico; 1990-1992
  • Figure 4 Proposed MCDs for Puerto Rico
  • Figure 5 Proposed MCD for St. Croix, U.S.V.I.
  • For Written Comments please request hardcopy at CFMC headquarters.

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